Mt. Pleasant City Council Meeting August 23rd

The Mount Pleasant City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, August 23rd. All members of the council were present, and they approved a resolution of selling the west portion of 1300 W Courtland st to the Iowa Communication Network, who has been in search of a new place to operate since the closing of IW. The City Council must hold a public hearing anytime they are selling public property, and they followed that last night.

Another issue brought up was some road reconstruction on Henry and Main Street, what the council calls “The H.” The mayor was authorized to sign an Engineering Service Agreement with Warner Engineering for repaving and drainage infrastructure, and Saunders Street was noted as “top priority.”

During the public forum, I asked about trash pickup in the city. There have been discussions about getting rid of the usual trash pickup in favor of a new system that could be cheaper in many ways. Council members mentioned that there is “more to come” at a later date but they had nothing further at this moment, other than that they are currently looking at costs and trying to weigh up the options.

Chief of Police, Lyle Murray, provided a quick update on the Christamore House, mentioning how citizens “ruffled politicians feathers” and he believes the entire situation should be resolved here rapidly. This is in reference to the police chief’s asking of the public to call their elected officials about the Christamore House wasting the Police Department resources and costing Henry County residents tax dollars.