Mt. Pleasant InMotion Show Choir Performs in Davenport This Saturday

The Mount Pleasant High School InMotion Show Choir performs on Saturday in Davenport at the “Big Dance.”

This is choir director Makenzie Kauffman-Ho first competition at the helm.

A reminder that the 30th Annual Music InMotion Show Choir Invitational in Mount Pleasant will be held on Saturday, February 3rd. Currently, volunteers are still needed, mainly in the kitchen and concession area. These two areas are crucial in running the invitational smoothly. If you are able to volunteer for a few hours, please sign up using the links provided below.

Results from this week’s Invitational, as well as other competitions throughout the season, will be posted on Good luck to InMotion!

These are basic food prep and serving areas. Putting together sandwiches, tacos, restocking goodies, etc. and then handing to people. Most are shorter shifts of only 2-2.5 hours.

End of the day concessions is also in need of more volunteers: