Mt. Pleasant School Board Discusses Increasing Social Media Presence

The Mt. Pleasant Community School board met for a work session on Monday evening. Although three new faces joined the board just two months ago, big changes are being discussed.

The world of social media is alive and well. Many businesses, churches, organizations, and school districts utilize popular apps such as Facebook and Instagram to reach the public. The school board watched through a presentation last night regarding the use of social media for the district. It is no easy task for all teachers and staff members district wide to get on the same page, which is where MonkeyThis comes in. This group boosts social media output in the form of an app.

Through this, staff can snap a picture of what is happening in the classroom, on the field, in the hallways, and then write a short caption about what is taking place. Then, the professionals edit the photo and caption, and then it is posted. The goal is to share what is happening to the whole community, not just those who have kids in school.

The board seemingly agreed that this is a great idea, as an app can bring great ease to what can be a large task. This would help get all schools in the district on the same page.

Superintendent Henriksen mentioned how the district is ready to get started with a district social media page and place someone in charge of the website and the page.

As this was a board work session, no decision was made, but there will be more conversation on this at a later time.

Regarding repairs to the Chapel, stress-fractures have been revealed in two of the three trusses. 325,000 to 375,000 dollars is on the high end for repairs, but the board is prepared for the worst case scenario.

Henriksen would like to begin the discussion into central office design in February, and open up the HOWE activity center in April for school use. It seems that the Chapel repairs will be completed in June. This is a rough estimate schedule, however, and certain items might be completed much sooner or later.