New Agricultural Science Center Coming to WACO Thanks to Eichelberger Farms

Eichelberger Farms has announced plans to construct an Agricultural Science Center for the WACO Ag program and FFA Chapter. The new facility will feature two classrooms, two locker rooms, a kitchen, specialized rooms for rabbits, poultry, and swine, pens for other large animals, as well as a greenhouse. There will also be a conference room to facilitate meetings with community partners who provide valuable real-world experience to the students. This would include guest speakers, land lab partners, and volunteers to train FFA contest teams.

The goal and vision of the facility is to create realistic workprelated opportunities for students that are not present in a typical school setting. The new ag center will allow the program to continue its education of agriculturally related topics with industry standard lab spaces and experiences.

Plans are to start construction in the fall of 2024 or spring of 2025, and the building will be located on the current High School campus in Wayland.