New London Dollars for Scholars Upcoming Auction

The New London Dollars for Scholars chapter, affiliated with Scholarship America, has raised money for New London graduates each year since 2001.

The scholarships are awarded to any graduating senior or any previous graduate within the past ten years returning to post-secondary education-regardless of financial need, grade point average, or extra-curricular activities. The only requirement is that the student apply and then attend college, community college, or technical school.

The chapter has awarded over $158,000 in scholarships to 412 New London students since 2002. The scholarships are based on the amount of interest earned on an endowment fund, as well as gifts specified for that purpose and monies raised from this annual auction. Students can receive scholarships for 4 years.

Money raised from contributions to the auction will be used to increase the amount of the endowment and/or increase the funds available to award scholarships this year.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 23rd, as the auction will take place at the New London High School Gym. Visit their Facebook page “New London, Iowa- Dollars for Scholars” for more information.