New MP Trash Hauling System: Q & A

The Mt. Pleasant City Council had a nearly two-hour conversation with residents on Wednesday evening, who will be affected by the new garbage pick up system.  The City signed a 5-year contract with Wemiga Waste and Lance Refuse to haul trash rather than the city.  According to the City Council, the overhead costs of maintaining trash hauling and continuing the sticker system were leaving a deficit for the city.  The cost of private trash hauling is $19.75 for a large bin and $16.75 for the 65 gallon bin.  The following were some of the questions residents had:

 What about a smaller sized bin for those who do not have very much trash or none?

According to Wemiga Waste and Lance Refuse, anything smaller than 65 gallons does not work with their trucks.

 Why was the smaller, 65 gallons bin not the first option?

The expectation that residents would overstuff the bin and it would be more difficult to get them to use the larger bin.

 Does the trash have to be in a bag?

Yes, all trash must be bagged and the lid to the bin must shut completely.

 Was there a bidding process to privatize trash hauling?

No; the two private companies made a proposal to the City Council.  Mayor Brimhall clarified that the companies have been approaching the city for several years to take over trash hauling.

 How many employees will lose their jobs with the switch to private trash hauling?

Three temporary employees.

 What do residents do with the trash stickers already purchased?

The city is looking into a credit to the utility bill.

 Will there be a cost per bin increase during the 5-year contract period?

As of now, there is not a fee increase scheduled, however an up to two percent increase per year can occur.

 What about bins for apartments in the Main Street Mt. Pleasant district?

Details on how that will work are being considered.

Do the bins need to be picked up or will they be delivered?

Bins will be delivered to your address.


See a copy of the Curbside Residential Solid Waste Collection Agreement between the City of Mount Pleasant, Wemiga Waste Inc., and Lance Refuse Inc.

Waste Agreement