New Sentencing Date for Fairfield Teenager Accused of Murder

There have been new developments over the sentencing of one of the Fairfield teenagers involved in the murder of Fairfield Spanish teacher Nohema Graber in the fall of 2021. The sentencing hearing is now scheduled for November 14th and 15th, for Jeremy Goodale, now 18.

Goodale pled guilty to first degree murder in April and the sentencing was planned for August. However, a psychiatrist who is set to testify, was not available that month, so they had to move the date further away.

Nohema’s widower, Paul, wanted to make a victim impact statement at the hearing. Due to his health condition, the state filed a motion against the delay. Paul passed away in June and the state rescinded their motion to prevent the delay in July.

The trial will now continue November 14th and 15th for Jeremy Goodale.