“Now the Work Begins” Henry County Supervisors Approve Final Reading for EMS Essential County Service

The Henry County Supervisors met on Thursday morning for a packed schedule, which included an update from Sarah Berndt, the 3rd Reading of EMS Essential Service, a road department update, and others.

The 3rd and final reading for the consideration to approve the adoption of EMS as an essential county service was approved. David Muhs, CFO of Henry County Health Center, echoed a supervisor saying, “now the work begins.” Muhs ensured that once the final hurdle is cleared next week, he will be busy with meetings in attempts to inform the public about what they will be voting on come September. KILJ will be in attendance at these future meetings to inform the public.

During the update from Sarah Berndt, speaking about general assistance, an agreement was approved to continue their monthly support of the Fellowship Cup. This is a monthly sum of $500 which goes towards the Fellowship Cup for food.

Now that it’s summer, roads are more likely to close with the nice weather as construction can be completed. Jake Hotchkiss, county engineer, mentioned the closure of W55 from 282nd St south to 300th St as of yesterday. There is also a job opening for an office assistant, which you can find on their website. The deadline to apply is June 12th.