Offensive Odors in Keokuk

The Residents of Keokuk, Iowa are currently experiencing offensive odors in the air, which has prompted concern among local authorities and community members alike.

Reports to City Hall of the offensive odors on December 9, 2023, and December 29, 2023, from residents in various areas of the community have raised concerns about its potential impact on air quality and public health. The City of Keokuk is working diligently with local employers to solve this odor problem.

The City of Keokuk understands the concerns and inconveniences this situation may cause for residents and assures the community that every effort is being made to address the issue as swiftly as possible.

At the present time, representatives from both industries have assured the City of Keokuk they will be correcting all problems associated with the odors. Both Industries have received nuisance letters from the City of Keokuk.

One of industries has said they will not be using the product that has caused the smell anymore. However, they will need to ship the remaining product; this will be done by truck and when the product is being transferred to the trucks, there will most likely be an odor for a short time. The representative has said that this odor will not be as strong as it was previously. The City of Keokuk has requested that they let us know the date and time this will happen so that we can let our citizens know. They have agreed to let us know the schedule.

The other industry has reached out to schedule an appointment with City Officials to discuss the problem.

The City of Keokuk appreciates the cooperation and patience of residents during this time and assures the community that ongoing steps will continue to ensure the well-being of everyone in Keokuk. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused as we move forward.

For further information, please contact:

Kathie Mahoney

Mayor, City of Keokuk

501 Main St

Keokuk, Iowa 52632

319-524-2050, ext. 2212