Planning for Grade-Alike Change Begins

Mount Pleasant School District Superintendent John Henriksen has shared the first version of the five phase timeline for moving Harlan, Lincoln and Van Allen Elementary buildings to a grade-alike configuration. Planning will take place between now and September 1 of 2024. The Superintendent is meeting with the elementary principals today, Thursday, 4-13-2023 to add more exact dates to the action items in each phase. Between now and June 30 they hope to assign grade levels to buildings and determine any needed construction or remodeling. Other action items during this first phase include assign principals, first pass at transportation logistics, and having a discussion on technology needs.  In June the placements and schedules for the school counselors, title reading and math interventionists and the teachers for music, PE and art will be tentatively decided. Phase 2 will deal with packing dates and food service. Phase 3 focus is section numbers and room assignments, special education teacher assignments, moving logistics and calendar creation. Phase 4 from February 1 to May 31 will be the time for meetings with future building leaders and staff, special education decisions and in May teachers will begin packing. Of course, the final phase in the summer of 2024 is the actual move and then the implementation and adjustments.