Polling Locations for City and School Election

The City and School Elections will take place on November 7th, with polls open from 7:00am through 8:00pm. Qualified electors may vote, but they must present themselves as well as identification at the polls.

Depending on where you live, you may not vote in the same place as your friends. There are nine different precincts for citizens of Henry County.

If you live in the Trenton, Marion, or Jefferson Township (including Wayland, Olds, and the portion of Coppock within Henry) you will be voting at Wayland City Hall, 218 W Main St.

For those who live in the Canaan and Scott Townships (including Winfield and the part of Wayne Township*) you will vote at Winfield City Hall, 115 N Locust St, Winfield.  *(that part of Wayne Township residents living east of James Avenue to 140th Street and south of 140th Street east of Highway 218 and south to the township line.)*

Voters who live in the Tippecanoe Township, Salem Township, as well as Salem, Hillsboro, and Center Townships, will cast their ballot at the Emergency Management Building, 900 W Washington St in Mt. Pleasant,

Precincts 4 through 7 will all vote at the Veterans Hall of Mt. Pleasant, 300 W Monroe St. If you are unsure which ward you live in, head to https://henrycounty.iowa.gov/election/ which lists out the wards and provides additional details.

New London voters will split between precinct 8 and 9. Jackson and Baltimore Township residents will be at New London Christian Church, 2770 New London Road.

Those in New London Townships (including the city of New London) will vote at 103 W Washington St, the New London Community Center.

Pre-registered voters are required to provide an approved form of identification at the polling place before receiving and casting a regular ballot. Voters who are not pre-registered – such as voters registering to vote on election day – and voters changing precincts must also provide proof of residence.

A voter who is unable to provide an approved form of identification may have their identity/residence attested to by another registered voter in the precinct, or prove their identity and residence using Election Day Registration documents.

For additional information about providing proof of identity and/or residence visit: https://sos.iowa.gov/voterid or phone (319) 385- 0756.

Any voter who is physically unable to enter a polling place has the right to vote in the voter’s vehicle. For further information, please contact the County Auditor’s Office at 319-385-0756 or e- mail sbarber@henrycountyiowa.us. For TTY access, dial 711 + (319)-385-0756