Primary Election Unofficial Results Update

With 1,601 votes Chad White will have the chance to run in the November elections for the Henry County Board of Supervisors on the Republican ticket.  But since there will be two open seats on that board there will be another Republican choice in addition to White and Democrat David Beaber.  Incumbent Greg Moeller received 1,066 votes but needed 1,465.  It will now be up to the delegates at this summer’s Republican County Convention to choose.  And they don’t have to pick Moeller. They could choose one of the other candidates…Blair Barton, Deb Savage or Kat Zeglen.

The other primary race of great interest to local Republicans was the race for a nominee to run against incumbent State Senator Rich Taylor.  Jeff Reichman of Montrose received 1,509 votes in Henry County and 1,519 votes in Lee County.  The senate district also includes Washington County and Jefferson County. Total number of votes cast in the district for Reichman were 3,282. Nancy Amos received 778 votes in Henry County and 285 in Lee County. Including the other two counties Amos received a total of 1,170 votes.

State Senator Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Ottumwa will have a fourth chance to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Miller-Meeks easily defeated four challengers to win the G-O-P Primary in the second congressional district. Henry County voters were of the same mind….Miller Meeks received 1,055 votes locally.  On the November ballot she will face Democrat Rita Hart. The seat is currently held by Democrat Dave Loebsack