Propane! Get Your Propane!

With propane prices lower than last year and supply above the five-year average, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig is encouraging propane consumers to make preparations ahead of the arrival of colder temperatures and winter conditions.

“Though it has felt more like summer lately, we know colder weather is coming and it’s a good time to top off the tank if you rely on propane to heat your home or livestock barn,” said Secretary Naig. “With lower propane prices than last year, higher supply levels, and persistent drought accelerating the dry down of grain in the field, conditions are right for propane consumers to proactively prepare for winter.”

As of October 4, the state average propane price in Iowa stood at $1.53 per gallon, down from $1.89 a year ago. Beginning October 2 and continuing through March of 2024, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship will compile a weekly state average propane price in coordination with EIA. These findings can be found as part of the Department’s weekly fuel reports.