Protect Yourself This Winter With An Emergency Car Kit

Temperatures are dropping rapidly across Southeast Iowa and with that typically comes frozen roads and snow piled up. While some may enjoy looking at the snow, most can agree that it is not very fun to drive through. Whether you have a sports car or a brand-new truck, harsh weather conditions can make even the best drivers get stuck.

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the snow, knowing that there is hardly anything you can do except wait for rescue. There are multiple ways to ensure that your time waiting is cut down, and you’re more prepared for it when it comes.

Building an emergency supply kit for your car is quick and easy and can protect you in the worst conditions. Emergency kits vary depending on who you talk to, but most of them feature some very basic necessities. Jumper cables and a first aid kit can be stored in the center console for quick access if your car has room or placed in the trunk.

Tire chains can come in handy in the unfortunate event of being stuck in a ditch full of ice and snow. A bag of sand or cat litter can also be helpful, but if you fail to have any of those items, you can place your car mats under your tires to gain traction in a pinch.

Ensure that you have atleast half a tank of gas and always keep an ice scraper and snow brush in your vehicle. Everybody loves snacks, but you’ll have to resist the urge to get into your emergency stash, that should also be full of water. No matter how tough you think you are, you will regret leaving the house without a coat during the cold winter storms. Keep warm clothes, boots, mittens, and blankets in your vehicle, as well as a cell phone charger.

You never know when you will encounter winter weather, so ensure that you are prepared for it by building an emergency kit for your vehicle.