Public Hearing for “Vicious Dog” Case

At the Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting on Wednesday, July 26th, a public hearing was held on the appeal of Dangerous or Vicious Animal determination.

A dog went through the inside door and screen door of a house after it was left open by accident. The dog proceeded to attack and bite a mail carrier. The owner of the dog spoke at the meeting, saying that the dog has gone 13 years without an incident and that he is not a dangerous animal, and then requested that title to be taken down. The resident took all the blame for not shutting the door, and it must have been that they were at a new residence that scared the dog. The man did take him to the vet immediately and was told that the dog was healthy.

The Council ultimately voted on removing the dog from the city limits to avoid future problems, voting unanimously. The resident now must relocate the dog “as soon as possible” and inform the police when the dog is no longer in the city.