RAGBRAI 51 Route Revealed!

RAGBRAI® LI announces the full route for the 51st ride across the state.

Thirty-five communities make up the pass thru and meeting towns on this year’s route. They join the eight overnight towns that were announced in January. The communities will host riders enroute to their final destinations each day.

“I’m excited for this year’s full route.” said Matt Phippen, RAGBRAI Ride Director. “It combines iconic views of Iowa with communities that have proven they can provide world class hospitality and experience for the riders.”

We will expand gravel options from one day to seven days in 2024. Connected to the road routes the gravel options range from 2 to 14.5-mile sections and total 53 miles for the week. Riders will experience all grades of gravel, epic rollers and climbs, and pass by the historic Holliwell Covered Bridge in Winterset, Chief Wapello’s Gravesite and Memorial Park in Agency and endless breathtaking views.

“We moved from a one-day option to a seven-day option to showcase all the great gravel that Iowa has to offer,” said Phippen. “I love gravel and think this year provides more scenic views and ways to ride gravel that I’m excited for riders to experience.”

The southern route is roughly 434 miles and 18,375 feet of climb. That makes it the eighth shortest and hilliest route on record. An anticipated 20,000 plus registered riders, with participants from all 50 states and over 17 international locations are expected this year.

Registration is open through May 15 at RAGBRAI.com/ragbrailiregistration. Day by day details and important dates are listed below.



Day-by-Day Details:


Day 0: Glenwood

Saturday, July 20 


Location: Downtown Glenwood

Time: 12pm-9pm


Day 1: Glenwood to Red Oak

Sunday, July 21

THEME DAY: Tire Dip, Mile of Silence, Gravel  MILEAGE: 41.9 miles ELEVATION: 2,435 ft.


Gravel Option: 

Miles: 7.6 miles

Elevation: 638 ft



Glenwood * Silver City * Henderson – Meeting Town * Emerson * Red Oak


Day 2: Red Oak to Atlantic

Monday, July 22

THEME DAY: Hometown Pride Jersey Day, Gravel

MILEAGE: 40.7 miles

ELEVATION: 1,702 ft


Gravel Option: 

Miles: 3.7 miles

Elevation: 250 ft



Red Oak * Elliott * Griswold – Meeting Town * Lewis * Atlantic


Day 3: Atlantic to Winterset

Tuesday, July 23

THEME DAY: College Jersey Day, Gravel  MILEAGE: 82 miles ELEVATION: 4,519 ft.


Gravel Option: 

Miles: 4.5 miles

Elevation: 339 ft



Atlantic * Wiota * Cumberland * Massena * Fontanelle * Greenfield – Meeting Town * Orient * Macksburg * Winterset


Day 4: Winterset to Knoxville

Wednesday, July 24

THEME DAY: RAGBRAI Jersey Day, Gravel MILEAGE: 75 miles ELEVATION: 3,041 ft.


Gravel Option: 

Miles: 9.5 miles

Elevation: 708 ft



Winterset * St. Charles * St. Marys * Indianola – Meeting Town * Milo * Lacona * Melcher-Dallas * Knoxville


Day 5: Knoxville to Ottumwa

Thursday, July 25

THEME DAY: I Ride 4 Day, Gravel MILEAGE: 62.9 miles ELEVATION: 2,502 ft.


Gravel Option: 

Miles: 4.6 miles

Elevation: 223 ft



Knoxville * Attica * Lovilia * Albia – Meeting Town * Eddyville * Chillicothe * Ottumwa


Day 6: Ottumwa to Mt. Pleasant

Friday, July 26

THEME DAY: Karras “Century” Loop, Mr. Porkchop Jr. Day, Gravel MILEAGE: 84.8 miles ELEVATION: 3,160 ft.


Gravel Option: 

Miles: 8.4 miles

Elevation: 218 ft



Ottumwa * Agency * Eldon * Selma * Libertyville * Fairfield – Meeting Town * Pleasant Plain  * Brighton * Wayland * Trenton * Mt. Pleasant


Day 7: Mt. Pleasant to Burlington

Saturday, July 27


MILEAGE: 46.5 miles

ELEVATION: 1,016 ft


Gravel Option: 

Miles: 14.5 miles

Elevation: 295 ft



Mt. Pleasant * Mediapolis * Kingston * Burlington



  • Registration price increase on April 15, 2024
  • Registration closes on May 15, 2024
  • RAGBRAI L Pre-Ride June 1-8, 2024
  • RAGBRAI L Expo – Saturday, July 20 o     Time: 12pm-9pm  o       Date: Saturday, July 20 o     Location: Glenwood, Iowa
  • RAGBRAI L July 21-27, 2024 o    Day 0: Glenwood o        Day 1: Red Oak  o          Day 2: Atlantic o      Day 3: Winterset o        Day 4: Knoxville o          Day 5: Ottumwa o             Day 6: Mt. Pleasant  o    Day 7: Burlington