Reminder! Simulated Accident Scene in New London This Afternoon

If you see a large presence of law enforcement and first responders in New London today, there is a good chance it is just a drill. Operation Prom is being held for New London High School students, which will include an accident scene. This is in hope that the students will understand the dangers of drinking and driving, and therefore deter them from even thinking about doing so.

Students will be part of a simulated accident and emergency response, providing a hands-on experience of the potential consequences of risky behaviors. As well as students and law enforcement, medical personnel, firefighters, life flight crews, and funeral home representatives will be on-site to interact with students.

The training will focus on smart decision-making, safety, and understanding the consequences of choices made during celebratory events.

Operation Prom is designed to create awareness and foster responsible decision-making among our teens during prom season. A way for parents to get involved is by supporting your teen’s participation and discussing the importance of responsible choices.

Some of the material may be graphic in nature since it will be a simulated accident scene.