Road Closure June 13th

“Starting Tuesday June 13th Jones Contracting will be closing all of Henry St. from Just West of Marion St. to N. Broadway. They will be setting up string lines to start trimming the subbase. Once all the trimming is completed. They will start paving from N. Broadway St. to the West later this week or the first of next week weather permitting. Hopefully, all goes well and Jones Contracting will pour all of W. Henry St. in one day. Once the Concrete reaches maturity in 2 to 3 days crews will start pouring the driveways back and sidewalks to follow. W. Henry St. will not be open to traffic once it closes tomorrow until the paving is completed and has reached maturity. Garbage will be picked up off the side streets or in the alley behind your houses. If you have any questions, please call City Hall 385-1470 or Public Works at 385-1480.”