Ron DeSantis Enjoys Warm Coffee in Mt. Pleasant

While the next Presidential Election isn’t until November 5th, 2024, candidates have been flocking to towns all across the US as they attempt to win over the constituents.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spent his weekend in Iowa, as he traveled through 5 counties. As a presidential candidate, his mission is to complete the “Full Grassley” where he will visit all 99 counties in Iowa. At close of day on Sunday, he had reached 67.

During his three-day bus tour as a special guest with Never Back Down, Gov. DeSantis grabbed a cup of coffee and met with guests at the Mt. Pleasant Hy-Vee on Sunday morning. Among the guests were Senator Dickey, Representative Collins, and Henry County Supervisor Chad White.

He then continued his tour, stopping in Washington County to attend church where he addressed the crowd regarding a political hot topic.

“Our rights do not come from the government, they come from the Lord our God. And that begins with the right to life itself,” said Ron DeSantis.“And when some people say that signing legislation to protect the right to life — like we did in Florida with the heartbeat bill, like your governor in Iowa did with the heartbeat bill — anyone who tells you that that’s somehow a ‘terrible thing’ is not standing for the right to life.

DeSantis is attempting to drum up support from Iowans for the Republican caucus, which is set for January 15th, 2024. This is also Martin Luther King Day and comes a few weeks earlier than the previous caucuses.