Ryan Coop for SCC Board of Trustees

Today, Ryan Coop announced he will seek election to the first district of the Southeastern Community College Board of Trustees, representing the Mt. Pleasant, WACO, Winfield – Mt. Union, and New London community school district.

Coop is eager to expand live classes and other educational opportunities at the SCC Mt. Pleasant Center and other regional SCC offices.

“After Iowa Wesleyan announced their closure this year, it became clear that Henry County was going to need a stronger higher education presence in the community,” said Coop. “While the Mt. Pleasant SCC office offers occasional classes, it is far from realizing its full potential. Our community has a rich educational heritage, and I am prepared to dedicate my time on the board of trustees to ensuring that Henry County continues to be a beacon of higher learning for generations to come.”

Ryan was elected to fill a vacancy on the Marion Township Board of Trustees in 2022 where he currently serves as Chairman. For the past two years he’s served as a Clerk at the State Legislature and during the interim, engaged in political advocacy – encouraging voter turnout and other grassroots organizing, ensuring that Iowa’s elected representatives are engaging with their constituents.

Before his service in the State House, Ryan graduated from Mt. Pleasant Christian School and worked at GrayBarn Industries, a local print shop. Ryan was born and raised in Mt.Pleasant, and attends Wellspring Evangelical Church.