Salem Crew Library Has a New Board

The Salem City Council met last week, and the mayor, with the unanimous approval of the City Council,  appointed the following as the new Library Board of Trustees:

Dora Benter (County)

Christine Hatfield (City) – (she is the special education teacher at the Salem Elementary School)

Robin Henriksen (County)

Samantha Koontz (City)

Janeene Porter (City)


There will be a basic Introductions Workshop on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021 at the Salem Public Library, at 6:00.  The meeting is open to the public, but there will not be an opportunity for comment. The new library board will first have to develop bylaws, elect officers, etc..

The Salem City Council was happy to have had so many people interested in serving as more individuals applied than there were positions available for. The Council was also extremely pleased with the diversity in experience and skills that the people appointed  will bring to the Library.