Salem Thankful for Gift of Trees

courtesy of Mary Hoyer-

Salem volunteer Steve Hoyer recently finished planting three trees donated to Salem by Radio Station KILJ.  The trees were part of a special project to observe KILJ’s 50th “Birthday”: “Fifty Trees for Fifty Years”.

To celebrate fifty years of operation, KILJ donated 50 “Autumn Blaze” maples to be the communities and schools of Henry County.  “Autumn Blaze” is a cross between Red Maple and Silver Maple, rapid growing and with brilliant red and red-orange fall foliage.

Dan Patterson, Salem’s mayor, stated “This is a wonderfully thoughtful gift.  In the past three years, we have taken down 14 dead trees in our beautiful and shady town center City Park – most victims of the emerald ash borer.”  He added “These fast-growing maples, already 10-12 feet tall, are great replacement trees and will really help the future of our parks.”  Two of the trees were planted in the town City Park, and one tree at the Recreation Field which is planned to open soon for Little League baseball.

The trees were purchased by KILJ from Hy-Vee.  Hoyer remarked “We went to select the trees for Salem, but all of the trees were good examples of a tree that you would want to plant:  a strong main trunk, about 1 ½ inch diameter, a good shape, and very healthy.”

Salem is very grateful for this gift, and for the contribution that KILJ itself continues to make to the community of Henry County.