School Discusses Resource Officer

During Monday night’s work session, the Mount Pleasant School Board discussed the possibility of hiring a resource officer. Supt. John Henriksen has already been in conversation with Mount Pleasant Police Chief Lyle Murray and Sheriff Rich McNamee about working with local law enforcement.  The proposal is for the school district to enter into a 28E agreement with the police department in order to make use of the services of a Mount Pleasant Police officer during the time school is in session. There are still Union questions that need answered. The salary also needs to be worked out. But it sounds like the school board members are agreeable to the idea and so is the Police Chief. The Superintendent told the school board members that he anticipates the district staff would continue to handle student situations as they have been but the officer would be readily available for those situations that could escalate.  The board was also in agreement that the position calls for the right type of individual who can establish a relationship and a trust with students.  The Police Chief thought an agreement could be in place by January 1.