Sinclair Tractor Event to bring 10,000 visitors to Mt. Pleasant

Midwest Old Threshers is still a few months away, but the city of Mount Pleasant will get a little taste of the increased amount people on June 24th. Sinclair Tractor Company is celebrating their 25th anniversary at McMillan Park and the Old Threshers grounds. This is a private event, and it is expected there could be between 10 and 15,000 potential visitors in one day. This event is scheduled from 8am-7pm, a full day of activities. McMillan Park will be used starting June 20th-June 26th for set up and tear down.

Of course, with the influx of visitors, there will be many more cars on the road, so drive carefully and watch out for visitors. Also, many restaurants and fast-food chains will most likely see an increase in foot and car traffic during that day as a result of all the visitors. KILJ will continue to update the public as the event draws near.