Speed Bump Coming to Salem? Supervisors Weekly Meeting Answers Multiple Questions from Public

The Henry County Supervisors held their weekly meeting on Thursday morning where a variety of business was done, such as the 2nd Reading of the Resolution depicting EMS as an Essential Service and an update from the Henry County Engineer.

During the talk with Jake Hotchkiss, Steve Detrick, who is running for a supervisor position, inquired about the possibility of installing a portable speed bump near the Salem school. During the school year, temporary stop signs are placed out, but the Henry County Sheriff agreed that not everyone adheres to the warning. Hotchkiss addressed the question by saying that this is something he could investigate, but research would have to be done. A supervisor added the idea of rumble strips, but that was quickly shot down as those can be ineffective. The room also discussed adding LED lights to the stop signs, which have proved to be effective.

Terri Bain, joined in support by the Henry County Engineer, Sheriff, and others, asked for a temporary ordinance encompassing Trenton for the day of the RAGBRAI overnight and the following day. This would reinforce the authority of the Sheriff’s department and road department to limit which roads drivers can use those days, and ensure vendors are set up in specific places. The Sheriff and County engineer will now meet with the Attorney’s office to iron out the details of the temporary ordinance.