Speed Camera Ordinance Questioned

Mount Pleasant Police Chief Lyle Murray took questions from the public in attendance at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting.  The questions dealt with the proposal to work with an outside company to provide Lidar speed radar equipment to detect speeding, bill the offenders and collect the fines. In answer to a question about who gets the revenues Murray said the outside company receives 40% and the rest goes into the city public safety account. One citizen expressed concern this would be a money grab like he believes it is for Cedar Rapids. Chief Murray insisted it was about deterring speeding to increase public safety.  In answer to another question the Chief said he was approached by the company about providing the service. There was also discussion about setting the limits and fines which the Chief are set out in the proposed ordinance.  Passage of the first reading was not unanimous. Kent White, Terry McWilliams and Bob Griffith all voted yes.  Jeff Batty and Matt Crull said “no”. And Council member Steve Engberg, while he did not seem in favor still voted yes.  He said he voted that way in order to see the ordinance move to the next reading and allow for more public discussion.