Spring Street Work Begins

Kinney and Sons hope to start on the N. Aldrin Drive street improvement project March 30th. They will start on the replacement of the east intake and won’t be digging across Aldrin. Friday, weather permitting, they will dig across Aldrin on Friday, March 31st. Homeowners will be able to get in their driveways this week. Starting April 3rd Kinney & Sons will start removing the pavement on N. Aldrin Drive, weather permitting. The contractor plans to remove all of N. Aldrin Drive, grade and place the modified sub-base the week of April 3rd through the 7th. Then open the street back up to homeowners for the weekend April 8th & 9th. Homeowners won’t be able to access their driveways during the pavement removal through placing the modified sub-base. Weather permitting Jones Contracting plans to move in once the modified sub-base has all been placed. They will start setting up to trim the grade and then place the new pavement.