Stand Off in Mobile Home Park

Sunday at 1:15 am Mount Pleasant Police were called to the mobile home park at 200 South Street.  Reportedly, a woman ran into a neighbor’s mobile home and then was dragged back out by a man, later identified as Chadley Yeakley of Mount Pleasant.  Witnesses said the woman told them about being tied up by Yeakley.  Both the man and the woman were found in another mobile home.  Officers were unable to make contact so they entered the home where they spoke with Yeakley who was barricaded in a back bedroom with the victim.  Evidently, he had a knife and would not let the woman leave. Officers talked to Yeakley for about 90 minutes before he finally released the woman.  However, Yeakley refused to drop the knife and surrender.  Eventually, he did surrender peacefully and was taken to the Henry County Jail.  Yeakley is charged with domestic abuse involving display or use of a weapon, kidnapping, willful injury an possession of a firearm by a felon.