Summer Theatre Plays CANCELED for 2024 at Midwest Old Threshers

Below is a press release from the Board of Directors of Midwest Old Threshers regarding Summer Theatre Plays:
“After careful consideration and extensive discussion, the Board of Directors of Midwest Old Threshers has made the difficult decision to cancel the Summer Theatre Plays for the 2024 season.
This decision comes after a period of declining attendance and financial challenges in recent years. Despite efforts to revitalize the Summer Theatre Plays, including programming changes and marketing initiatives, the final straw has been reached with the continued decline in audience numbers.
Midwest Old Threshers has a long-standing tradition of providing quality entertainment and educational experiences to the community, and the cancellation of the Summer Theatre Plays is not taken lightly. However, the Board believes that it is in the best interest of the organization to focus its resources on other areas that will have a greater impact and ensure the long-term sustainability of Midwest Old Threshers and the Theatre Museum.
“We understand that this decision may disappoint our loyal Toby supporters, and we share in that disappointment,” said Dr Robert Welander, President of the Board of Directors. “However, we believe it is necessary to take this step in order to position Midwest Old Threshers and the Theatre Museum for future success.”
The Board is committed to evaluate the Summer Theatre Plays and explore potential changes or improvements that could be implemented in the future.
“We remain dedicated to our mission of preserving and celebrating our agricultural heritage, and we are confident that we will emerge from this challenging time stronger than ever,” added Welander.”