Supervisors Say “No” to Road Vacation

Tuesday the Henry County Supervisors did not approve vacation of a section of road in the northern part of the county. Land owners adjacent to a section of Iowa Avenue and Henry Washington Street requested the vacation for safety reasons and because the dirt road invites parties and off road vehicle activity. However, Chem Gro of Houghton claims use of the road four months of the year on a regular basis.  And Supervisor Marc Lindeen said he talked with others who use the road for agriculture purposes even though there are alternate routes. Lindeen said these individuals asked him why would they vacate the road.

Also on Tuesday, the Supervisors decided not to sell approximately 29 acres of county owned farm ground near the Mount Pleasant Airport.  The land wasn’t up for sale but the board had received an offer for $3,500 per acre. The offer was declined and Supervisor Greg Moeller said the county has no interest in selling the ground at this time. However, the Supervisors did approve a three year agreement with Mark Waters to farm the land for $213 an acre.