The Dickey Dispatch

With one week until the second funnel week, we have had some great debate discussions about the policies we’ve worked on throughout the year. We have had numerous discussions from making it harder to raise taxes to securing the border by giving state law enforcement the judicial tools they need to prosecute illegal aliens, and about making sure taxes are low for individuals.

Recently a credible poll was taken among Iowans and they overwhelmingly supported an amendment to the Iowa Constitution requiring a supermajority (two-thirds majority vote) to raise taxes or pass a new tax on Iowans. I serve on the Senate Ways and Means Committee and am proud to say I voted to advance those policies as amendments to the Iowa Constitution.

Iowans have always worked hard to provide for their families and to create a good life and while taxes are necessary for some services, it should never be easy for the government to simply tax more of that hard earned money from working families. Some elected officials have an insatiable appetite to spend, spend, spend and how much of a money grab they can enact to feed that hunger. In the Senate, we have the task of voting on the appointees that the Governor makes to fill various boards and departments in the state. These appointees require a two-thirds majority vote to be appointed. If a two-thirds vote in the Senate is required to place someone on the Interior Design Examination Board, then it is common-sense to me to require a two-thirds vote of lawmakers to approve a tax increase (also known as a money grab) of your hard-earned money.

If this amendment is passed by both chambers, it would need to be approved again during the next General Assembly and then it could be voted for by Iowans in the 2026 General Election. I am proud to be in step with my fellow Senate Republicans to do the will of the people by ensuring they keep more of what they earn.

In September, I had the opportunity to visit the southern border and spent several days with the Texas State Patrol, US Border patrol, and some Iowa Department of Public Safety agents who were there. Many of you may recall an editorial I penned that was in several local newspapers from that experience and without revisiting it again, I will simply say what is happening there is 100 times worse than what I had even envisioned. If any of your local groups or clubs would like me to come to share my experiences at your next meeting, please let me know and I would be happy to do so. While I did not need a firsthand experience of what is happening at the border to be supportive of legislation to address some of the tragedies taking place due to this Biden administration-created crisis, that experience made me even more thirsty to do something.

Last week, the Iowa Senate passed the E-Verify bill, ensuring Iowa businesses are only employing workers in the country legally. This week, the Senate passed SF 2340, criminalizing the act of being an illegal alien in Iowa. Currently, this is only a federal crime. Making it a crime at the state level provides additional tools for Iowa law enforcement as our communities deal with the ramifications of the border emergency.

Last week, it was GREAT to visit with the Pekin and Fairfield FFA chapters who were in the Capitol. This week area leaders for the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association and local hospitals visited. I had the honor of welcoming the Parsons family to the state capitol this week. Phil and his family are from Packwood and were in the Des Moines for Homeschool Day at the Capitol. We were able to take them to the top of the Capitol dome and to see the tunnels underneath the statehouse. If you are ever in our beautiful building, please let me know and I would be happy to give you a tour!

Lastly, I concluded a hectic week with filing my official papers for re-election in the Secretary of State’s office. It’s has been an honor to serve SD 44 for the past two terms and with your support, I would like to continue to do so. As I have said to many people, serving in the Senate and representing 5 counties is like a full-time hobby, but one I have enjoyed (most days anyway, LOL) more than I would have ever imagined. It is because of the GREAT people in southern Iowa that make spending every week in Des Moines worthwhile.