The Dickey Dispatch by Senator Adrian Dickey


Hello Senate District 44!

Well we are back at it! As of January 9, the 90th General Assembly has begun. With a new session and new faces, I am left with a great feeling about the potential of this session. With many new members joining us, I am happy to announce Republicans hold a supermajority of 34-16. We also elected Amy Sinclair as the Senate President. I believe she will do a spectacular job in this position and make Iowans proud. With this being said, I am looking forward to working with my fellow senators on both sides of the aisle to introduce and pass legislation that reflects the needs and wants of Iowans.

This week we were informed of the priorities of the governor, chief justice, and legislative leaders in Condition of the State speeches. While it was acknowledged that we have a large amount of work to do, a great number of accomplishments were also shared. From improving funding for education and public safety to reducing income taxes, we are on a great path. It is important to remember what accomplishments we made last year, but make no mistake, this session will be even better. With Governor Kim Reynolds swearing in for another term on January 13, we will work together to implement her vision for the State of Iowa that she presented in her Condition of the State address.

One quote that Governor Reynolds made was:

“It’s been nearly 40 years since we’ve undertaken a comprehensive review of government operations and structure. And frankly, it shows… I’ll be introducing a bill that will improve the services we deliver and streamline our operations by taking us from 37 cabinet agencies to 16”.

I loved hearing our GREAT governor making that issue a priority. I fully agree that our government is too big and the easiest way to be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars is shrinking the size of government AND reducing over-burdensome regulations on our businesses and citizens!

I am fortunate this year to be a part of five separate committees. Workforce (Chairman), Transportation (Vice Chairman), Ways & Means, Commerce, and Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee (Vice Chairman). As the Chairman of the Workforce committee I am excited to tackle issues relating to labor shortages within the state. As a business owner, I understand the complications and hardship this is causing businesses across Iowa. I am deeply motivated to continue finding relief. Serving on the Senate Ways & Means committee, I understand how large of a priority property tax reform is this year. I can assure you we will be looking into the best way to bring relief to Iowa taxpayers, limit both the size and cost of local government, and show transparency in this complex process. In regard to the other committees, they are in full swing with legislation already being discussed amongst senators. On the second day of session I already had 30 bills to review. Needless to say, we are getting to work right away.

With five different committees and three condition of the state speeches given this week, it has been all-out craziness. Bills are starting to flow in and find their way to subcommittees to be discussed. Before long, debates will ensue and bills will be passed. Between meeting with constituents, attending committee meetings and researching legislation of my own, my days are at full throttle. Even with dozens of thoughts racing in my head, I still find myself with a sense of excitement every morning I walk into the Capitol. I am grateful for the opportunity the citizens of Senate District 44 have given to represent them, and am deeply motivated to make them proud!

I am always eager to meet and hear from you. If you would like to get in touch you can email me at

Thank you for your support!