Iowa High School Athletic Association Launches a New Archive for Member Schools

IHSAA- In an effort to consolidate the highlights and history of the current members of the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), the IHSAA has launched a webpage through Achieve to illustrate each teams’ accomplishments.

There are over 350 unique school pages exhibiting school information, state tournament history for both boys’ and girls’ programs, and related historical links via Achieve for every member high school.

The state tournament history was put together by IHSAA’s Achieve archives and historian Jordan Glawe. Pages and related archives will be updated by IHSAA staff at the conclusion of the sports season.

“Achieve exists to help honor the accomplishments of Iowa’s high schools and student-athletes,” IHSAA communications director Chris Cuellar said. “We’re excited to host an online hub that can put a spotlight on our schools and their proud histories.”

Requests for edits or updates should be completed by current school personnel through their online records form.

If you follow this link on desktop, you can search through the Member Schools: IHSAA Archive