This Primary Vote From the Safety of Your Home

Iowa Secretary of State’s Office and Henry County Auditor, Shelly Barber encourage all Henry County Voters to vote Absentee from the safety of your home in this June 2 Primary Election.  You will be receiving absentee ballot requests in your mailboxes starting April 29th, fill it out and put back in the mail as it has postage paid return.  The Henry County Auditor’s Office will be mailing your ballots out to you within 24 hours of receiving your request.  Vote your ballot, sign the back of the postage paid return envelope and drop back in the mail as soon as possible to insure the arrival back to the Auditor’s Office by June 2nd.

If you do not receive an Absentee Ballot Request in the mail or do not wish to vote by mail or at the polls there will be early voting.  All Early Voting this election starts May 4th thru June 1st at 900 W Washington St, Mt Pleasant at the West End of the Henry County Emergency Management Building, from 8 am-4:30 pm due to the Courthouse being closed to the public.

Election Day June 2, 2020 all the regular polling locations will be open from           7 am – 9 pm.  All voters will be asked to put on masks and rubber gloves which will be provided upon entering the early voting location and the polling locations as well as maintaining the 6 ft. social distancing for everyone’s safety.  Thank you for help and understanding.