Thousands of Iowans Contribute to #Porktober22 Achievements

There are 147,000 Iowans working every day to make pork production in Iowa the envy of the world. Their jobs are spread over several sectors; farmers, of course, but also those who work in animal nutrition and health, transportation, equipment manufacturing, meat processing, food safety, and retail. The Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) salutes all those Iowans during #Porktober22 (you may know it as October Pork Month). We know that each of you is doing your part to produce a safe, nutritious pork product to feed the world. Iowa is the country’s top pork-producing state. Again, that achievement is a testament to the work done by the women and men who work in the pork industry. If all 147,000 Iowans working to support the pork industry were aggregated into one place, they would create the state’s third largest city! “October is a celebration of real stories, real farms, and the real way people feel when they enjoy the taste of pork and the way it brings them together,” says IPPA President Kevin Rasmussen of Goldfield. “Pork is the leading animal protein for consumers across the globe, but our most important consumers will always be those here at home,” he says. “Porktober22 is when we highlight the people, the product, and in today’s climate, the sustainability successes by those in the pork industry. Learn more about pork and Iowa’s pig farmers at There, you’ll find quick and affordable pork recipes, stories about Iowans who are part of the pork industry, as well as information about the sustainability of pork production.