Two Killed on Burlington Bridge

According to the Illinois State Police two construction workers from a Burlington, IA company were struck and killed Tuesday morning after being hit by a passenger car. The workers were walking behind their stationary pickup truck and trailer, which had its yellow construction lights activated, setting construction barrels for a work zone on the Great River Bridge of U.S Route 34 westbound as it crosses the Mississippi River.
A vehicle traveling westbound struck a barrel and continued on, striking the two construction workers causing fatal injuries. The workers are identified as Pearson J. Franklin, 20-year-old of New London, IA and Andrew Whitcomb, 35-year-old of Burnside, IL.
The driver of the car, Emily Johnson, 21-year-old of Gladstone, IL, was written citations for Scott’s Law – Improper Passing of a Stationary Emergency Vehicle, Improper Use of Electronic Communication Device, and Failure To Reduce Speed To Avoid a Crash. Johnson received minor injuries as a result of the crash.