Update From Des Moines County Sherrif Regarding Yarmouth Elevator Rescue Operation

On June 21, 2022 at 8:08 AM the Yarmouth Fire Department responded to the Agri-way Grain Elevators in Yarmouth, Iowa for a grain silo that had collapsed. Emergency responders were informed that two employees were in the immediate area at the time of the grain silo collapse and that one of these employees was unable to be located.
Emergency responders arrived on scene and immediately began rescue operations. The collapsed silo remains partially standing and has caused structural damage to adjacent silos, creating an extremely volatile environment for the rescue and recovery of the missing individual.
First responders continue to work diligently toward the rescue and recovery of the missing individual while ensuring safety for the rescue workers in this difficult environment.
The Yarmouth Fire Department is being assisted by numerous area first responders as well as local community members with specialized equipment and field knowledge.
The overwhelming outpouring of community support has been very much appreciated and no further donations are needed at this time.