Update on IW “Community Day” Free Items

If you’re driving around Mt. Pleasant, you may notice people coming out of the Iowa Wesleyan dorm buildings with all sorts of items. Do not call the cops, they aren’t looting. Instead, the buildings are open to the public on Thursday and Friday.

The buildings currently open are Sheaffer-Trieschmann (ST) Residence Hall and Hershey Hall. I have been told that other buildings might be open at a different time, depending on how many community members show up this week. The George B McKibbin Residence Hall should be open by tomorrow.

Remember that there are rules to this treasure hunt, albeit not many. You can take anything in the buildings except for items that are bolted into the wall. Air conditioning units are off limits as well.

You are permitted to bring a wagon or dolly to help lift whatever you find. There are mattresses, filing cabinets, counters, dressers, and much more in these buildings.

You will be required to sign a liability form before entering, as there are dangers scattered throughout the buildings. The third floor of Hershey Hall is almost entirely demolished.

You are welcome to park in the parking lots around campus, and bring a truck because you will find many treasures that you didn’t know you needed.