Washington County 4H Family of the Year

The 4-H Family of the Year helps continue the strong tradition and history of Washington County 4-H.  They have helped make our 4-H program one to be proud of.  Receiving the 2022 4-H Family of the Year is the Steve and Pam Davis Family.


What is so unique and special about Pam Davis and her family is they are now five generations deep being involved with Washington County 4-H!  While we can congratulate Pam and her husband Steve, their children and grandchildren and nephew and his children – what isn’t visible are the generations before them.  Pam’s grandma started one of the first clubs in Washington County and her mom and dad were both club leaders.  Pam was a member of the Eager Beavers and Washington Hustler clubs.  She has followed in her mom’s footsteps in being a club leader now of the Crooked Creek club for 23 years.  Steve and his brother were once fair board members.  Steve and Pam raised their children (Arial, Eric, Mindy, and Kim) in the sheep department and the entire family is still active working with the sheep committee for weigh-ins, check-ins, show day, and the auction.  The list is just endless. This family answers the 4-H call.


As a volunteer, Pam is at all the leader meetings – even the optional ones.  She will be there early and will stay there late to fill in any gaps or needs.   She has years of wisdom that has come in useful to new leaders and new staff.  Anyone who knows Pam knows she has a firm list of expectations (just ask anyone in her club) but we also know that they come from the purest of heart.  She wants all 4-Hers to make the best better.  She believes in the 4-H family.


It is evident this family (all five generations of them) take pride in 4-H.  They have been or are being raised into the 4-H way of life.  Pam said this is a place she believes in, they all do, because it teaches discipline, communication, cooperation, and is a place to make lifelong friendships.  Pam and Steve even met in 4-H and she shared she has a 50 year old friendship today that all started in 4-H.


What is special about this Davis family is they really have never sat out. They never took a few years off after one graduated or one moved away.  They keep coming and helping and answering the call.  They are not in it just for their own kids but for all the kids.  They have been here long enough to see many first-year members turn in to graduating members and to become some of their best fans.  They believe in the growth kids make in 4-H.  Steve and Pam continue to stay busy in the 4-H family now as active 4-H grandparents.