Wayland City Council Meeting Agenda

Wayland City Council Meeting

Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Wayland City Hall

Accept Resignation of Council Member Chet Fort (being appointed to Mayor)


  1. Council Appointment of Chet Fort to Fill Mayor Vacancy (late Greg Rich)


  1. Public Hearing – 7:30 PM – Proposed Plans, Specifications, Form of Contract, and Estimated Cost for the Proposed Wayland West Park Trail Project


  1. Consent Agenda – Note:  These are routine items and will be enacted by one motion without separate discussion unless a Council member requests an item be removed for separate consideration.
  1. Minutes of Sept. 16 and Sept. 18, 2020 (correct project name From Trail to Walking Path)
  2. Bills for Payment
  3. Draw Request #5 – Myers Construction – Splash Pad Project
  4. Draw Request #5 – Municipal Pipe Tool – Sewer Rehab Project
  5. Report
  6. Clerks Budgetary Report
  7. Utility Dept. Report
  8. Police Dept. Report
  9. Firefighter Dept. Report


  1. Citizen Forum –The Mayor and City Council welcome comments from the public for items not listed on the agenda.  You are asked to state your name and address for the record and to limit your remarks in order that others may be given the opportunity to speak.  The Order of Business is at the discretion of the Chair.  No action will be taken.


  1. Unfinished Business


  1. New Business
    1. 2020-27 “A Resolution Approving Proposed Drawings, Specifications, Form of Contract, and Estimated Costs For Proposed Wayland Walking Path – 2020”
    2. 2020-28 “Award Contract For Wayland Walking Path – 2020”
    3. Draw Request #6 (final/retainage) – Myers Construction – Splashpad Project
    4. 2020-29 “Resolution Accepting Work – Splashpad and Restroom Improvements Project – 2020”
    5. Sewer Rehab Project – Change Order #3 – Cues Lock vs Spot Repair
    6. 2020-30 “Establish City Depository with Peoples Savings Bank”
    7. 2020-31“Establish City Depository with Wayland State Bank”
    8. 2020-32 “Establish City Depository with White State Bank”
    9. 2020-33 “A Resolution Appointing Representatives As Liaisons With ICAP”


  1. Building Permits –

Landry Hunter – Approved – 40’Lx20’Wx15’H Steel frame enclosed carport at 210 S Washington St.

Jim Stauffer – Denied – 14’Lx10’Wx12’H wood frame storage building at 107 W Main St. (does not meet C-1 zone permitted accessory uses). May request Public Hearing w/Council

Chad Farmer – Approved – Concrete pad and tapered extension of driveway at 106 S Brooks St.

  1. Adjournment