Wayland City Council Meeting Agenda

Wayland City Council meets at 7:30 pm June 1 at the Wayland City Hall

1. Roll Call
2. Public Hearing – FYE22 Budget Amendment #2 – 7:30 pm
3. Consent Agenda
Note: These are routine items and will be enacted by one motion without separate discussion unless a Council member requests an
item be removed for separate consideration.
a. Minutes of May 18, 2022
b. Bills for Payment
c. Treas. Report
d. Clerks Budgetary Report
e. Utility Dept. Report
f. Police Dept. Report
g. Firefighter Dept. Report
h. WEDC Semi-Annual RFL Report
4. Citizen Forum
The Mayor and City Council welcome comments from the public for items not listed on the agenda. You are asked to state your
name and address for the record and to limit your remarks in order that others may be given the opportunity to speak. The
Order of Business is at the discretion of the Chair. No action will be taken.
5. Unfinished Business
a. Ord. 10-2022 “ An Ordinance Amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of
Wayland, Iowa, by Amending Water Rates and Charges” (2nd reading)
b. Res. 2022-12 Resolution For Accepting Easement of Sewer Main Extension and/or
Public Utilities and Public Purposes
c. Review Proposed DNR Sewer Permit Requirements (NPDES)
6. New Business
a. Res. 2022-13 “Resolution To Authorize Mayor and City Clerk To Sign Subordination
Agreement Regarding A Certain CDBG Loan”
b. Res. 2022- 14 “City Budget Amendment & Certification Resolution FY21/22-#2”
c. Application for Cigarette Permit Renewal – Wayland BP (Cobb Oil)
d. Review Alley Exit Plans For 217 W Main Street
7. Building Permits – none
8. Adjournment