Wayland Sewer Lining Schedule

Wayland Sewer Lining Schedule 8/10/2020 to 8/15/2020. Crew will start working Monday 8/10 and work 7 days a week until lining is finished or they reach AUGUST 31st .


The Alley between Second & Third St. from South Washington St. to South Pearl St.

North Cleveland St. from West Front St. North ½ Block.



Front St. from North Cleveland St. to North Jackson St.

West Railroad St. from North Pearl St. to ½ Block West.



North Jefferson St. from Depot St. South ½ Block.

Alley between Front St. & Depot St. from Jefferson St. to ½ Block East.

North Pearl St. from the South side of Highway 78 to the NE to the North side of Highway 78.



East Railroad St. from ½ Block East of North Madison St. to ½ Block West of North Roosevelt St.

East Main St. from 400’ West of the East End to 150’ West of the East End.



West Main St. from North Lincoln St. to North Jackson St.

Alley between West Third St. & West Fourth St. from ½ Block West of South Pearl St. to just short of South Washington St.



South Jefferson St. from ½ Block South of West Second St. to ½ Block North of Front St.

Front St.  from North Adams St. to ½ Block East.