What About Old Threshers?

On the same day the Governor issued a new proclamation easing restrictions on businesses and other public places the Iowa State Fair Board decided there would not be a 2020 Iowa State Fair. That decision was expected to come next week but the board voted Wednesday 11 to 2 to cancel this year’s event.  Midwest Old Threshers Administrator Terry McWilliams had postponed the Association’s Board meeting until next week, waiting to see what would happen with the state fair.  McWilliams said it will be up to his board whether or not to cancel the annual reunion in Mount Pleasant but they will be looking to him for a recommendation.  As of last night McWilliams is determined to have reunion if possible. But he continues to wrestle with how he can make that happen if the 6 foot social distancing recommendations are still in place.  He is hearing from those who don’t feel it’s wise to bring all those visitors into town and those who say the town needs the economic boost and he understands both. Unofficially, the Midwest Railroad organization says it can’t operate the train, a favorite attraction, if social distancing is still 6 foot. McWilliams said he can put off a decision until the first of July.