On August 2 the District Court for Jefferson County sentenced William Brown, age 59, of
Ottumwa for his role in the overdose death of Dustin Canaday of Fairfield, IA on July 31, 2020.
Canaday consumed methamphetamine provided by Brown on that date, in the form of a syringe
loaded by Brown, which Brown described as “thick,” and in the form of meth mixed with Alka-Seltzer and liquid,
which was consumed by Canaday. After consuming the Alka-Seltzer/meth solution, Canaday became violently
ill and collapsed on the bathroom floor. Emergency responders were eventually called, but not soon enough to
save Canaday’s life.
Brown was criminally charged in Jefferson County with delivery of controlled substance
methamphetamine, and manslaughter. He posted bond, but in December of 2020, in a targeted law enforcement
operation, was captured on video delivering controlled substance methamphetamine to another individual. He
was arrested and criminally charged with delivery of methamphetamine in that case as well.
In a contested sentencing where video evidence of the death of Dustin Canaday was played for the Court,
the District Court of Jefferson County sentenced Brown to a ten year term of incarceration on each of the
controlled substance delivery charges, to run consecutive to a five year term of incarceration for the manslaughter,
for a total of 15 years imprisonment.