Wind Energy Discussed at Henry County Supervisors – Urged to Slow Down

Wind energy was once again a main talking point for the Henry County Supervisors meeting on Tuesday morning. With multiple citizens in attendance, some in support and some opposed, the conversation was lively.

An RWE representative spoke about the funding towards school districts that a wind farm would contribute to. According to this representative, WACO would see 9.9 million dollars, Winfield-Mt.Union would receive 6.6 million, and Mt. Pleasant would gain 3.5 million dollars, over the lifetime of the contract. This is based on the current levy rate and the total project value of 450 million dollars. For Mount Pleasant, that would be just over $94,000 a year.

When asked what will happen to that additional revenue for school districts if a turbine has to shut down for an extended period of time, an RWE representative responded. School revenue from a wind farm is based on the assessed value of the property, not based on production. The tax revenue remains the same regardless of when the turbines are spinning.

With Joe Buffington, the Planning and Zoning Director, in attendance, the Supervisors discussed Section 6-2-11-2 through 11-6 Alternative Energy Overlay District ordinance. Supervisor White said that he believes the changes to the ordinance are being rushed. He would like to see the county slow down as he believes the ordinance is important for Henry County. It was noted at the meeting that it was the county that requested the ordinance change, not RWE.

Many additional questions were brought up, and it seems the supervisors will need to discuss those with the Henry County Engineer.