Zander: Expectations in NAIA “To Win

By: Nathan Bloechl — 

Mount Pleasant — Iowa Wesleyan Director of Athletics Derek Zander caught up with Nathan Bloechl yesterday on Beyond the Game saying Wesleyan officials are excited about the prospects of making the jump back to NAIA starting this fall.

However, with that — Zander believes the expectations to win become a little bit more intense.

I think we have been building to that over the last couple of years” Zander explained.

I think the transition to the NAIA further magnifies that importance of being successful. I think our coaches feel it. I think we have been able to increase our success in Division III.”

Zander has taken the right steps to creating a winning culture, hiring energetic coaches M.D. Daniels, Steve Williamson and Hunter Davis in just the last calendar year.

We have some good coaches that have already embraced what we’re doing here. Here in the near future, we are going to make the switch of not just being average anymore but taking that next step forward.” 

Iowa Wesleyan’s first fall competition will be Saturday, August 28th when Saint Ambrose hosts the Tiger football team.

To hear the full interview with Zander you can listen here: