Zone Change Debate Continues

During the Thursday meeting the Henry County Board of Supervisors returned to a previous conversation regarding a request for a zone change. Chad Ebeling is requesting the change for about 8 acres to the west of Mount Pleasant where he would like to build a concrete plant. He would like the zoning changed from Agriculture to Industrial. The supervisors have said this would involve changing the county’s land use map to allow a type of spot zoning. The map is part of the county’s comprehensive plan. Neighbors are concerned it will de-value their properties. Ebeling claims it won’t. The county Planning and Zoning Commission has already considered the matter but during the Thursday meeting Supervisor Marc Lindeen requested the issue go back to P&Z and this time wants the commission to look at the all the county land surrounding Mount Pleasant within 2 miles of the city limits with an emphasis on the southwest quadrant where the plant is proposed to be built. And consider the impact on the entire area. The supervisors all said they understand the need to encourage business but they also understand the residential property owners built in the area because they thought it would continue as agricultural zoning not industrial. Ebeling has promised he will be very mindful and considerate of his neighbors concerns.  Supervisor Greg Moeller also shared concerns about being sued over future spot zoning.  The Board voted to send the issue back to P&Z. The soonest it could come before the Supervisors would be June 6.