2023 Festival of Lights Sees 10% Increase in Traffic

The Festival of Lights 2023 saw 6,880 vehicles through December 31st, which is 701 vehicles more than 2022. Prior to COVID, 5,000 vehicles was the highest amount of traffic in a single year, with 9,000 vehicles in 2020 due to the virus.

The volunteers counted license plates and noticed vehicles from 33 different states and 70 counties. 5.6% of vehicles came from Illinois, while 2.1% bore a Missouri license plate. Some people chose a more unconventional form of transportation through the lights. 72 horse drawn wagon rides were offered to the public, with those tickets being sold out very quick.

220 sponsors made 2023 Festival of Lights possible with 160 displays. November 19th and 20th saw the “walk thru” nights bring in 1,400 paid admissions, which doubled from the previous year.