Burlington Man Arrested Due to Bicycle Bustup

A Burlington man was arrested after he assaulted a man during an argument over ownership of a bicycle.

Just after 9pm on August 24, 2023 Burlington Police Officers were sent to the 500 block of South 10th Street to investigate the report of an assault. Officers located Kevin Coffel and after observing multiple injuries, requested an ambulance to transport Coffel to Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries.

Detectives spoke with Coffel at the hospital, and he said he had been in an argument with a man later identified as Dondi Hamilton. Coffel told detectives that Hamilton had accused Coffel of stealing a bicycle and Hamilton began assaulting him, so Coffel tried to run from Hamilton. Coffel said Hamilton chased him into the street and began assaulting him with an unknown object.

Detectives later located Hamilton near the alley in the 500 block of South 10th Street. Hamilton told detectives he and Coffel were arguing over a bicycle and he admitted he struck Coffel in the face during the argument.

Dondi Samone Hamilton, 41, was arrested and charged with Willful Injury (Class C felony).