City of New London Warns Drivers Not to Park on Certain Streets During Winter Conditions

Driving in the snow and ice is typically not enjoyable for anyone. Accidents tend to happen, cars get stuck, and frustration ensues. Thankfully, snowplows were created to clear the roads off all that is dangerous, allowing your daily commute to be stress-free. Snowplows need room to navigate and clear all that is in the way.

As an emergency plan, the City of New London has adopted a Snow Emergency Route. This allows the snowplows to get through the streets and quickly clear the way. If your vehicle is parked on the streets following, in the event of snow, freezing rain, or sleet, it will be towed at your expense.

Adams Street, Chestnut, Cleveland, Elm, Madison, Main, Pine, Thompson, Walnut.

A full copy of the ordinance is shown in the photos or can be found at